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I’ve been looking with Windows Azure for a months now, and thought it would be about time to launch my own Azure hosted site.
Cloud TV is a community based website for hosting webcasts relating to Microsoft technologies. The idea for the Cloud TV project is to develop a cool application using Windows Azure that can show off the potential of Azure and the ease of use for existing .net developers and to create a community site for developers to contribute content in the form of webcasts.
It’s along the same lines as the “Bloggers Guides”, a non-profit community based site that will be a great resource for developers. If you have any webcasts that you would like to have hosted there, please let me know.
I have a basic “Upload” page that allows you to submit a webcast. All webcasts will be approved before publication to prevent abuse (I don’t want to get back from vacation and find a ton of illegal content on it). If you have issues with the upload page, please contact me and I can upload and publish your content.
It’s also time for the “Outside USA” Azure Developer Challenge, so please cast a vote sometime between the 10th and 20th July.
The site is here.
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