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Keynote- Mr. Ballmer gets way more out of a slide than I do.  Primary theme is connectivity, as it has been since Windows 95.  The document handler in Longhorn looks awesome.  After using a nifty search capability to reduce the number of target docs, they zoom in and all the docs began to wysiwyg render - graphics  and all.  As I said, awesome.  To stress security, they showed us several times that a corporation can wipe a lost PDA or even set it to wipe itself after a defined number of login failures.  Never said anything about how to restore it when the boss finally remembers his password.  We also saw "Virtual Earth" where map view and aerial photos can be merged in the same display. 


Some interesting stats

Developer tool penetration:

.NET 43%

Java 35%

Win 32 but not .NET was #3 but I didn't get the percentage.


Global framework penetration:

Some .NET 90%

No .NET 10%


Implementation of the WS Test 1.1 defined by Sun Microsystems

.NET 2.0 25-45% faster than .NET 1.1

.NET 2.0 200% faster than IBM Web Sphere


Mr. Ballmer and friends did a nifty job of showing us ".NET in Office".  Using the Office tools in VS 2005, they showed us a dashboard app hosted in Outlook with all sorts of drill down and custom screens.  Really looks interesting.  Does raise a ton of dependencies when you start down that path though.


Team Services- If you got the VSTS (Visual Studio Team Suite) pricing announcement as part of your Universal a couple of weeks ago you are probably as confused as I was when Will Read brought it to my attention.  Evidently somebody heard our squeals of "WHAT?" because we actually had a cabana session "Adopting Visual Studio 2005 Team System On a Budget".  Here's the short version.  If you have a active Universal (retail about $2700) when VSTS ships, you can pick a role (Architect, Developer or Tester) and get that package as part of your Universal, no extra charge and including the Team Foundation Server (TFS) for 5.  If you want all roles, you can get it for $1000 under this scenario.  If you want to implement a team, you have to buy seat licenses for the various roles.


MSFT is clearly looking at Rational customers with this one.  In that arena if you don't charge enough, "it must not be enterprise ready".  That quote comes from a Rational customer, not MSFT.  Retail for the full VSTS is like $10K, but who buys retail?  If you are a partner, there's probably a deal.  If you are under a volume license, there is probably a deal.  Pricing is complicated but two things are clear.  They are really hung up on this role stuff and Visual Studio pricing is going to change.  Here's what we know about pricing now: Express $49 (per language, I think); Standard $299/$199 upgrade; Professional $799/599 upgrade; Team Systems - who knows?  For real info check out or call your rep.  For Team System


There should be a 180 day eval.  If we manage that carefully, we could get a small project done and see how the product stacks up.  We'll certainly need the eval if the pricing stays were it is now.


The VSS guy was close by and told us the SourceSafe Admin tools get a big bump in capability and that web access "is in there" as we expected.  I'm glad we still have VSS because I'm really beginning to wonder how much time I should spend on Team Systems.


eLearning- This is looking very good.  Go to it is definitely worth the trip.  Sondra and her crowd have a serious push on to help us spin up in Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005.  No only are excellent courses being offered for online and local viewing, but hands on web Virtual labs should get us way down the path very quickly.  Stay tuned, Sondra's also trying to get the User Groups a deal.  By the way, what are "solutions" in SQL Server 2005?


Jeff Prosise- His membership, roles and profiles ASP.NET 2.0 presentation just keeps getting better.  By the way, don't forget to run aspnet_regsql.exe to et the automagic databases and tables initialized for ASP.NET 2.0.  Jeff causally showed us a nifty web site admin tool available in VS 2005.  We're trying to work out a date for Jeff to visit the Guild.


Billy Hollis and Rockford Lhotka- If you think these two are good on their own, you ought to see them on the same platform.  They did an architectural session on Smart Clients.  Good stuff and confirmed some suspicions I've had for a long time.  WinForms can be a silver bullet when you need client capability in a disconnected application.


  Bill J


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