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Enterprise Developers Guild - Charlotte MSDN .NET User Group
Bill Jones Jr. MVP Visual Basic Charlotte NC - MCP C# and VB.Net - Founder and President of the Enterprise Developers Guild (.Net User Group) January 2006 Entries
Running production ASP.NET 2.0
So when is a server really a server? On ASP 2 set up you get a nice Steve Guthrie blog entry telling you how to init all the built in providers. Following the bouncing ball I went out to my SQL 2005 and set up an empty database. When running aspnet_regsql.exe, I didn’t see my new database. Inspiration suggested I hook up the new database to VS 2005, but then I got struck by the “dummo ray”. The Server stack is really for servers – machines or IP addresses – and will ......

Posted On Sunday, January 8, 2006 6:05 PM

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