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I just found about about / registered for Saturday’s Kansas City Developer’s Conference, and am going to make the drive over from the right side of the state (Hey, no offense, KC – I’m just looking at a map, and St. Louis is on the right side, Kansas City’s on the left).

(I’m sure the event’s been mentioned on geekswithblogs several times, but I’m on a “staycation” this week, getting cabin fever, and noticed @leebrandt’s tweet today.)

I’m looking forward to some of the presentations in the Agile and Patterns tracks.

I’m going to have to get up pretty early Saturday morning to descend from St. Louis to Kansas City (Again, no offense – St. Louis is just at a higher elevation*, that’s all), so if you see a tired-looking guy wandering around wearing a St. Louis Day of .NET shirt, please be nice.

I’m not sure how much longer registration will be open, but here’s the link:

*Not true – St. Louis is closer to sea level than Kansas City, but I’ll start my drive from the top of the Arch, OK?

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Thanks for the pimp, mort.. ahem I mean Brian. See you down in KC!

Left by Lee Brandt on Jun 17, 2010 12:05 PM

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