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The future of BizTalk- 
The last TechEd Conference was a very important one from BizTalk perspective. Microsoft will continue innovating BizTalk and releasing BizTalk versions for “for next few years to come”. So, all the investments that clients have made so far will continue giving returns. 

Three flavors of BizTalk: 
  1. BizTalk On-Premise, 
  2. BizTalk as IaaS and 
  3. BizTalk as PaaS (Azure Service Bus).
Windows Azure IaaS and How It Works
Date: June 12, 2012
Speakers: Corey Sanders
This session covers the significant investments that Microsoft is making in our Windows Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution and how it 

TechEd provided two sessions around BizTalk futures:

AZR 207: Application Integration Futures - The Road Map and What's Next on Windows Azure
AZR211: Building Integration Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk On-Premises and on Windows Azure

Here is are some highlights from the two sessions at TechEd. Bala Sriram, Director of Development for BizTalk provided the introduction at the road map session and covered some key points around BizTalk:
More then 12,000 Customers 
79% of BizTalk users have already adopted BizTalk Server 2010 
BizTalk Server will be released for “years to come” after this release. I.e. There will be more releases of BizTalk after BizTalk 2010 R2. 
BizTalk 2010 R2 will be releasing 6 months after Windows 8 
New Azure (Cloud-based) BizTalk scenarios will be available in IaaS and PaaS 
BizTalk Server on-premises, IaaS, and PaaS are complimentary and designed to work together 
BizTalk Investments will be taken forward 

The second session was mainly around drilling in and demonstrating the up and coming capabilities in BizTalk Server on-premise, IaaS, and PaaS:

BizTalk IaaS: 
Users will be able to bring their own or choose from a Azure IaaS template to quickly provision BizTalk Server virtual machines (VHDs) 

BizTalk Server 2010 R2: 
Native adapter to connect to Azure Service Bus Queues, Topics and Relay. 
Native send port adapter for REST. Demonstrated this in connecting to Salesforce to get and update Salesforce information. 
ESB Toolkit will be incorporate are part of product and setup 
BizTalk PaaS: 
HTTP, FTP, Service Bus, LOB Application connectivity 
XML and Flat File processing 
Message properties 
Transformation, Archiving, Tracking 
Content based routing

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