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So my wife and I sat down to watch "Strangers" last night.  We tried to watch it for Halloween but our youngster was so hyper from candy overload it was hard to get him to bed.

My rating would be: 6.5 stars out of 10

Overall, not a bad movie to watch and was entertaining for a horror flick.  Liv Tyler, I thought did a good job with her acting.  In many parts she betrayed really well how freaked out someone in that situation should have been.  Scott Speedman on the other hand couldn't get less plain with his acting.  He really hasn't changed since his acting days on the T.V. Show "Felicity" and "Underworld".

This movie freaked my wife out!  It mainly got to her because this movie hit on her worst fear around when I leave town for events like Microsoft PDC or company meetings and releases.  WARNING!  Spoiler information is about to come your way so if you don't want it then you might want to quit reading right about now.

The movie is about a young couple where the guy was planning on a great evening with his girl at his parents empty house in the woods after she accepts his proposal of marriage.  But, obviously she said she was ready to get married which put the guy in a fit of depression.  Even though they are upset with each other, they both go to the house to stay the night to split up in the morning and cancel their road trip of celebration.

Kristen runs out of smokes so James takes off at 4 AM to get more for her when the fun starts.  3 people all in masks 9 (1 guy and 2 women) start terrorizing Kristen by banging on the door and showing themselves in the windows of the house.  Kristen's cell phone is dead so she plugs it into the wall and makes for the house phone to call James to get his butt back to the house fast.  Here was the first thing that I was "sighing" with is that I don't know about you folks but anytime my cell phone is dead and I plug it in then the phone works!  I don't have to wait for a charge that sucker comes right up and as long as it is plugged in I can talk all day long.  Not to mention, the first phone call I would make would be to 911 not my boyfriend who I just declined to marry!  But, we would not have much of a movie now would we.

Before I rapidly shorten this up.  The other large "sigh" I let out about this movie was when he was outside with the shotgun and saw one of the mask ladies round the corner of the barn with a flash light.  I would have shot her without even thinking about it.  Instead, he pauses, appears to be blinded by the flash light and then the guy runs up to him knocking him out cold for a bit.

Now to shorten this up!  After a full early morning nothing but being terrorized, taunted and tricked into shooting their best friend Mike.  They get tied up, James was stabbed to death with a kitchen knife.  Kristen was stabbed but didn't die.  She was left to bleed to death unless someone found her before she died.  Which 2 Christian spreading boys did with a nice screaming scare tatic at the end.

At the beginning of the movie they stated this movie was based on real life events.  So, I was curious and did some Google searching on it.  It's funny because there is a lot of people out there that try very hard to make this movie about an actual event!  But, none the less, it was not.  The screen writer(s) were inspired by the Manson murders and Keddie Cabin murders.  The director even said in an interview that he wanted to make it more real to him so he used a childhood memory where someone knocked on his door at 4 AM asking for someone that didn't live there.  In his case, the people were trying to find out if people were home and if not then they would break into the house.  He merely changed things around that they were knocking to see if people were home in order to kill them.  So, this story is nothing but fiction.  People have tried to spice it up saying that they know Kristen and that she is alive and will be broadcasting her story on A & E.  Perhaps as a guest on "Dog the bounty hunter" show!  If you really want to get detailed with it the name "Hoyt" is actually believed to be taken from the sheriff in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

If this story isn't fiction then I challenge anyone to produce any real facts that can be found and post a reply to my blog with links to the information. Posted on Sunday, November 2, 2008 5:11 PM Movies | Back to top

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Movie sucked would would spend thier money to help make this stupid movie
Nothing made sense who would walk in and NOT turn off the music and call out a name - who would leave her alone out there to go to the store = it's so stupid
Left by bella on Dec 19, 2008 7:35 PM

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