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JayCrockett doesn't like how the DAAB is installed.  He has a valid point, particularly since it's not installed as the documentation claims:

From the help file :

"Deploying the Data Access Application Block As a Shared Assembly

The Data Access Application Block assembly is configured with a strong name key therefore, it can be deployed in a shared location and used by multiple applications."

They need to change their documentation.

He also thinks this makes it harder to use:

I went to a recent users group meeting where the Microsoft presenter expressed his surprise that so few people were using application blocks. I think this disconnect between what is adverstised and what you actually have to do to get it to work is part of the reason. Yes I know how to compile the project, and I know how to use our internal keyfile to generate a strong name for it. But nowhere on the website did it say you would have to do any of that. If they want the average VB developer to use these blocks, they are going to do a better job explaining them.


Here was my response.  Am I wrong?  Should I make the install do all the things he'd like?

I'm currently working on the install for 3.1. I through out the idea of strong naming it fairly early, but maybe I should re-address it. My next thought would be to just install the assemblies wherever you chose, but of course you'd still have to reference the projects.

I eventually ended up creating an install that looks almost exactly like the install for version 2, thinking this would cause the fewest surprises.

I'm still not sure that's the right way to go. Obviously, from your comments, you'd prefer a full install with a strong name.

I'll think about it, but I fear there may be too many obstacles in this shared source environment.

Posted on Tuesday, June 15, 2004 8:53 AM Database Practices , .NET Development | Back to top

Comments on this post: Strong Names and the DAAB

# re: Strong Names and the DAAB
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I don't think it's a problem with an installer.

It sounds like it's a problem with poor documentation. Programmers will do anything if you document it well enough. You could tell them to go to China and sell their kidneys on the black market and some of them would do it if you documented it well enough.
Left by Jeremy Brayton on Jun 15, 2004 3:50 PM

# re: Strong Names and the DAAB
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Thanks. Those were exactly my thoughts as well.
Left by Chris J. Breisch on Jun 16, 2004 5:23 AM

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