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Here’s a great post on Coding Horror on how to improve your toolbar UI.

I’ll steal a little bit from the introduction:

Pop quiz, hotshot. What do these toolbar icons do-- and what application are they from?


Okay, maybe that's a bit too monochrome. Same application, alternate toolbar skin. Does color help?


Okay, let's try something less abstract. Same application, alternate toolbar skin. Does a more traditional look help?


This article sums things up nicely.  You gotta love the pic of Microsoft Word with all possible toolbars enabled.  I like toolbar icons with text.  Once I get used to it, I might turn off the text, but sometimes I just get used to seeing the text there and I don’t even bother. And of course some icons are near universal such as Cut, Copy, Paste, and don’t usually need text.  The point is to not let your icons become gibberish.  If I can’t tell what your icon is supposed to represent then it’s either a bad icon or needs some text, or both.

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