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While I don’t agree with every point in this post, Jeff Atwood does make a strong case for simplifying the UI.  And it’s apparent that people are listening to him.  Based on what’s been publicly posted, it’s apparent that MS is going for simplicity in the new UI.

As a matter of fact, we were told at the PDC that over 80% of the features requested for MS Office, are already in the product.  It’s just so cumbersome that no one can find them.  Of course, another part of the problem may be that there’s just too many features to begin with, and that Office is mind-bogglingly bloated, but that’s another topic altogether.

I love the quote about Google from the post:

There's an interesting anecdote about Google's absolute focus on minimalism in Seth Godin's book Purple Cow:

It turns out that the folks at Google are obsessed with the email they get criticizing the service. They take it very seriously. One person writes in every once and a while and he never signs his name. According to Marissa Meyer at Google, "Every time he writes, the e-mail contains only a two-digit number. It took us a while to figure out what he was doing. He's counting the number of words on the home page. When the number goes up, he gets irritated, and e-mails us the new word count. As crazy as it sounds, his emails are helpful, because they put an interesting discipline on the UI team not to introduce too many links. It's like a scale that tells you that you've gained two pounds."
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