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Another good blog post at Tyner Blain on the challenges of validating requirements

From the introduction:

The hardest long term challenge in eliciting requirements is improving our ability to do it. The hardest short term challenge in gathering requirements is getting all of them. We have a lot of techniques for gathering requirements, from interviewing to brainstorming to researching. How do we know we defined all of the requirements? Everyone who manages requirements knows the value of validating requirements. But validation leaves a blind spot as it looks backwards instead of forwards. We propose to do exactly the opposite.

I think that this shows that requrements gathering is the mirror of acceptance testing, and has some of the same issues.  During acceptance testing, one must adopt the mindset that the software is indeed flawed and that the need to be found.  Often, the mindset is adopted that the software just needs to be validated for correctness.

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