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There's a great two part article on CodeProject about faster serialization (primarily for use in remoting) in .NET.

Part I details the code used in this technique.

Part II is sort of a HOWTO for the code introduced in Part I.

Some test results:

Northwind - tables only

A DataSet containing all 13 tables from Northwind.  

Method Size (bytes) >Time Taken (seconds)
Vanilla .NET serialization 1,431,297 0.560
Fast Serialization 383,001 0.031
73.2% smaller 18.1x times faster

Northwind - both tables and views

A DataSet containing all 13 tables and 16 views from Northwind.  

Method Size (bytes) Time Taken (seconds)
Vanilla .NET serialization 5,635,208 2.624
Fast Serialization 688,910 0.126
87.8% smaller 20.8x times faster

Obviously, if you're doing remoting, this code or something like it should be in your toolbox

Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2006 7:38 AM .NET Development | Back to top

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