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Hah! back in the Blogging Business after being away for a really long period. The Spring is just so exciting,Glad that the Winter is over.Well not to mention I have kicked off with my jogging routine starting from today and expect myself not to stop this. I *wish* to be blogging regularly as possible,I am sure I will find a few minutes in the Tram on ......

I was informed yesterday that I have won an $180 Microsoft Certification voucher for one of the recent contests that I took part in.

It appears more like a regular yearly quota,I won a certification voucher last year too.

Ofcourse it was absolutely pleasing to hear that.

It's always good to win :)


With the new Beta 4.0 release,I am sure a lot of people would have had this issue. Shift + Upgrade Or Shift + Restore to the Beta 4.0 firmware caused itunes errors. Here's what I did to get it working: Download itunes 8.2 Shift + Upgrade | Uknown Error occurred Shift + Restore | Unknown Error occurred Resolution: Restore your iPhone 3g to Beta 3.0 Shift ......

One of the key configurations to get AJAX working on IIS 7.0 [Windows Server 2008 | Vista] This should be added within the web.config of the SharePoint site. The <system.webserver> Element The <system.webserver> element contains configuration settings used by Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 7.0. The following example shows the ......

I have never been satisfied with any of the headphones that I have bought so far,Not completely satisfied with the Apple In ear Headphones either :-) Anyways,here is the story.. I got these headphones delivered home during the Christmas break. Read a few reviews: Read it only after I bought it :-( Anyways,most of the review I read had positive feedback. ......

SharePoint offers the "Spell Check" feature in its "Rich Text Fields" In our custom SharePoint application,we have utilised the "SharePoint Spell Check Web service". There has been a few bugs that has been identified with the SharePoint Spell Check,The Microsoft's QFE Team was involved in fixing the same and delivering back the "private hot fixes". ......


It's quite exciting to be part of the "Geeks with blogs" community.

I expect myself to be making a post each day.


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