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Chris Walsh
I've had a tip off to check two killer apps. First is JQuery. It was plugged to me as the new mootools! Completly supporting older browsers, it's on-site samples and documentation are ment to be excellent. It is also compatible with Google's JTools. Second is IETester. Useful if you need to test your sites on multiple IE versions and their equivilent ......

I swear that Microsoft are trying to force developers to move their sites from Classic ASP to ASP.NET. Not that I have anything against ASP.NET - I like it and I like Classic ASP less. But in reality, many sites work perfectly well in Classic ASP and don't need converting - even if a budget was available (which there usually isn't!) OK. Many of us are ......

Nov 08
Getting to grips with Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008.
I have a fresh install of Windows XP Professional SP3 installed.
Setting up the network was a bit fiddily but the rest has been really smooth.

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