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Only Passionate People Win : Make sure your team is jelled before starting Agile.

This post is reminiscent of what the book Peopleware : Productive Projects and Teams emphasizes, and this goes back 7+ years with this edition (I don’t know when the 1st edition was published).

Team dynamics is the foundation of longterm success.  Sure on short projects you can beat the hell out of people to get it done; but, if you looking for something beyond that, you won’t get it unless you have a well jelled team.

Demarco and Lister to me set the foundation for human oriented methods of managing software projects, people, and teams.  I was given this book back when I worked for a company in NYC called MicroModeling – which became Plural, then swallowed up by Dell, then finally this year shut completely.

To many leaders, including those in my current organization, don’t have a clue on how to jell teams and wring success from average resources.  I strongly suggest getting a copy, at least for the informational aspect.

If you’ve heard of Joel Spolsky (Joel on Software), you can also read his review on Amazon of Peopleware.

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