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Visio is my primary diagramming tool.  I wanted to point out a couple of recent links I came accross that help in diagramming various things.

The first are stencils that are used on MSDN and TechNet diagrams – these are a set of stencils that can be used in Visio just by adding the stencil to the list for your diagram.  Located here:

Visio stencils for IT Pro posters

The other is Visio Toolbox.

This site is a hosted by Microsoft that provides basic background but there is a new add-in along with some others.  The new add it just release

There are Add-ins, Templates, and Tools

Visio Toolbox

Some of the Add-ins

WBS Modeler

New Rack Server Virtualization Add-In for Visio 2007 Pro

System Center Add-In

Disk Space Monitoring Add-In

Software Upgrade Assessment Add-In

Folder Access Rights Map

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Visio Add-in

PowerShell for Visio

There’s also a tool that will build a stencil for you if you just upload some images.. That’s here:

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