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I might have to develop an application for a mobile scanning device and I have been playing around with the .NET mobile components in preparation. Not easy at all: the documentation is not very clear and there are lots of different components/versions. Here are some of the problems I encountered and how I solved them.

My constraints:

a) My development environment is Windows Vista + VS 2008 Team System.

b) The device will probably be Datalogic Memor which runs Windows CE 5.0. This means I need to install Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK - the documentation says that it only supports VisualStudio 2005 and Windows XP and that it requires ActiveSync 4.0.

c) I want to develop with the .NET Compact Framework 3.5 in order to use WCF. This was installed already on my machine.

So, will all of this work toghether on Vista? Well, it did (unexpectedly).

The only quirk is that you cannot run ActiveSync 4.0 on Vista. You have to install Windows Mobile Device Center instead.


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