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Well, the Portland Code Camp v2.0 is over and it was quite a success. I know you're sad that you couldn't make it this year, but dry those eyes and just don't be such a loser next year. Seriously, I'm shocked that you even considered not attending, but hey, I guess some people just don't get it. Portland Code Camp is teh awesome!!!11!!!11!! and for proof of that just check out these totally awesome write-ups.

Portland Code Camp
Portland Code Camp a second perspective
Introduction to Ruby on Rails
.NET Coding Standards and Best Practices
An Introduction to WCF for the Complete Beginner
Taking ATLAS for a Ride

If Code Camp wasn't teh awesome, then how am I finding awesome write ups like that on teh internets? See, you don't have an answer. There isn't one, I looked it up in Google. And we all know if you can't find it in Google, there's just no answer.

During the session this year, I got a lot of exposure to a variety of technologies. Most of which I just knew the name of the technology and that was pretty much all I knew about it, but I walked away with quite an understanding. The food was great, activities were fun (they gave away 2 Xbox360s, live band, frisbee golf, croquet) and the networking opportunities with fellow geeks in the community was just out of control.

Seriously, you need to start planning now to attend next year's Portland Code Camp (should be posted here at some point) Hope to see you there. I just don't want to hear all the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth next year about you not coming and how you wish you had heard about it sooner. So there you go, there's going to be Portland Code Camp next year sometime, put it on your calendar and be there and quit being such a sobbing cry-baby no0b.

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