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Knowing that we poor geeks without laptops, pdas, cell phones or other internet browsing gadgets would wither and die if we didn't have the opportunity to read all the latest posts from GeeksWithBlogs during GameFest, Microsoft was very considerate and provided some internet stations to preserve our mental well-being and hook us back up to the system.

My first day there, I walked up to the terminal and laughed when I double-clicked the Internet Explorer icon. Man, it had been a while since I'd opened that browser. I kind of chuckled to myself and thought about installing Firefox on the computer, but decided that it would be in poor taste. So instead of being rude, I just read Jason writing about the Gamefest Keynote which I had just heard in person.

On day two, I walked up to the terminal to see what D'Arcy had to say about his vacation quandry and immediately broke out into laughter. Apparently some other geek hadn't had the same etiquette restrictions I had felt, Firefox had been installed. The guy next to me turned to me at my laughter so I explained that someone had installed Firefox on the terminal and I found that particularly funny. He chuckled and said he hadn't even thought about the fact that he had started his internet session with Firefox as well. We both then looked down the row of computers and sure enough, every single computer had Firefox installed and every single person was using it.

But to be fair, Microsoft took this all in stride and rather then banishing Firefox from Gamefest, they instead invited them up to the campus to prepare their browser for Windows Vista. Huh, guess times they are a changing.

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