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In his blog post on Old School Programming, Wesner Moise waxes nostalgic about his pre-high school experiences with writing his own disassembler and assembler for the Comodore 64. Apparently he used his homemade dissassembler to decode and rewrite the entire 8k BASIC ROM back to source and then used his assembler to add his own extensions to the BASIC language to support structured programming and better graphics. Aside from retyping a few bouncing ball programs from the owner's manual, I believe that the only thing I ever did with my Comodore 64 was play pirated video games with my friends. For some reason all I can remember is a break dancing video game where I felt proud of getting the little block character to spin on his head. As you can imagine, the post made me feel like I belonged somewhere between plankton and an anemic protozoa on the alpha geek food chain.

By contrast I spent most of my day today in high altitude architectural abstraction. The bank I work for has hired a consulting company to do a data strategy gap analysis and we spent a good part of the day talking about BPM, SOA, and Master Data Strategy. There were several points where I had to politely suggest that we move on to another topic because we had risen a little too high in the abstraction layer and I was sure that someone walking past might have had trouble discerning whether the topic of the conversation had to do with coding, politics, or pepperoni pizza. The next two days will be more of the same.

Does anyone know if you can get decompression sickness by ascending too quickly from the depths of creating custom interrupts on the Comodore 64 in order to implement a rasterizer that bypassed hardware limits for 8 sprites to the abstract heights of macro workflows and model driven architecture? If anyone happens to observe any of these symptoms tomorrow, please sit me down and give me a steady dose of concrete examples. Thanks in advance.

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