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This is my 01100100'th post (that's 0x0064 in hex for you script kiddies). That means that I get free reign to wax nostalgic and talk about deeply philosophical, thought-provoking topicsĀ  like...monkeys.

For those of you who are not well versed in inspirational parables, the hundredth monkey effect refers to how an idea can spread like wildfire once it reaches a critical mass of people. The name originally comes from a research study involving monkeys and sweet potatoes that was supposedly done by a Japanese scientist in the 50's.

I would go into more detail about what the monkeys were actually doing with the sweet potatoes, but apparently the scientific observations were severely distorted by the historical equivalent of a big literary and pop culture game of telephone so I won't bother. Besides, inspirational parables are rarely concerned with mundane things like scientific fact, so I'll simply gloss over that aspect of the story for now.

So what exactly is the reason that I am suddenly fixating on monkeys?

  1. Am I trying to somehow justify my participation in the great blogging echo chamber by pretending that I am helping to build a critical mass of gooey coding goodness that will eventually spew forth over all developers?
  2. Is it simply because this was the first interesting thing that I found when I googled "hundredth"?
  3. it because I just really, really like monkeys and am trying to save my blogger proceeds up so that I can buy a hundred of them?

Although number three is technically true, I would probably have to pick number two as the correct answer, which means that all of this was simply a ruse to segue into some boring retrospective blather. I can't believe you fell for that!

So here are my one hundred posts' worth of hard-earned distilled wisdom that I will now impart:

The three things I've learned from my first 100 posts:

  1. While one hundred posts seems like a lot to inflict on poor unsuspecting readers who are just trying to goof off a little at work, it is nothing compared to the unholy torrent of posts unleashed by a certain Israeli wordy bastard who has 3,000 posts or the Canadian upstart who is approaching 800 posts.
  2. Contrary to what I had been promised, blogging did not yield wealth, fame, a cushy Microsoft job, or women's undergarments being thrown at me on a regular basis.
  3. The FCK editor scores off the charts on the suckage o'meter. It would have been nice if someone had told me about Windows Live Writer 6 months ago, so I could have avoid some formatting grief while blogging

Now...the three things I promise for my next 100 posts

  1. To post whenever I feel like it.
  2. To post whatever I feel like writing.
  3. To ignore rules one and two when it suits me.

Seriously, I know my blog could use a good SEO makeover along with a tad more professionalism if it is ever going to make it to the big slashdot show, but the last time I checked I was doing this for fun and if it ever stops being fun then I reckon I'll pack it in.

That being said, I do have about 100 different topics listed on my short-attention span idea list along with a dozen half-finished draft posts, so I have a good feeling that I just might make it to my 11001000'th post sometime next year...that is unless I am banned by some tyrannical mad Canadian blogger first.

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# re: The Hundredth Monkey Effect
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Thought you knew about Windows Live Writer when I told you about the portable version.
Left by Robz on Dec 18, 2007 3:52 PM

# re: The Hundredth Monkey Effect
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Nope, I had heard about LiveWriter before but didn't know that it integrated quite so easily and nicely with SubText. Thanks for the heads up!
Left by Russell Ball on Dec 19, 2007 12:29 AM

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