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Ok, maybe not in a bar...but I would definitely listen to DotNetRocks here and there. In fact, I've listened to most of the 300 episodes of this popular tech podcast over the last few years. I don't burn through quite as many shows now that my commute time has been dramatically reduced, but I still listen while driving, running, vacuuming, grocery shopping, painting, mowing, and shoveling. I am especially grateful to the show for helping to keep me in the good graces of my spousal unit, since I am much less likely to neglect tedious household chores as long as I have one of their episodes loaded on my mp3 payer. For that, I promise to hand deliver each of them a good bottle of scotch the next time I am able to make it to a conference that they are attending.

If you haven't already listened to the 300th episode in which Carl Franklin interviews his co-host, Richard Campbell, I highly recommend it. Richard is a talented story teller and shares over 30 years of some seriously geeky and entertaining stories. I especially liked the story of Goliath, the 1972 20MB Hewlett-Packard Hard Drive that spews forth deadly flying disks and giant car eating magnets. I was so absorbed in this episode that I missed my turn on the way home and finally threw in a few gratuitous errands so that I could finish listening to it.

Kudos to Carl and Richard for consistently producing such high quality content. I sincerely hope that they make another 300 episodes.

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Hey Now Russell,
I agree w/ you DNR is a stellar podcast.
Left by Catto on Jan 10, 2008 12:02 PM

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In that episode Richard refers to an e-mail about the 50 shows co-host rule, which was read in episode 301. It was mine and I almost died when I heard it, it's like winning an Oscar :) Also the e-mail that asked for my mailing address for DNR swag now made sense (I got it before ep.301 aired).
If I ever get to shake their paws I can die a happy man (not that I'll do that on the spot :) ).
Left by Erwin Blonk on Jan 23, 2008 8:41 AM

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