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Caffeinated Coder A Grande, Triple Shot, Non-Fat Core Dump by Russell Ball

It's time for the next installment of the monthly Caffeinated Codey awards, where the link love flows for my favorite posts from the month.

  1. For Most Obsessive Blog Comment Recovery Operation...Eric Sink for his post Be My Support Group. After losing a lengthy blog comment due to a random Firefox error, Eric describes his multi-hour effort to recover the data using a packet sniffer and some url-decoding. Eric has long since joined the dark side of the force (business and marketing), so can you imagine what he would have been like back in his hard core developer days?
  2.  For Best New Anonymous Blog Satire Site Devoted to a Single Mailing List ... the collective monthly posts on the ALT.NET PurseFight site. Besides being a fine piece of satire, this site also serves as a decent Cliff Notes for those of us who can't find the time to read all 56,000 emails a day that are generated by the hoards of geek prima donas lurking on this monstrous mailing list. Please God...let the anonymous author of the site be Scott Bellware. I promise I'll stop playing kitten bowling if you mess with everyone's reality in such a deliciously ironic way.
  3. For Best Placenta Humor...Rory Blythe for his post Video: Burfday Sucks - A Expose of Birfday Suckage by Rory - Part One. Rory does another brilliant YouTube comedy schtick on the meaning of birthdays. This guy REALLY hates any acknowledgement of his birthday, which is why I am going to personally organize a nation wide letter-writing campaign to declare Rory's Birthday a national holiday next year. I have also already completed the tech specs for a state-of-the-art birthday bot that will spam him with cheerful birthday clichés in every language over every known communication channel next year. There's no need to thank me Rory. 
  4. For Best Virtuoso Display of Sarcasm... Sean Hederman for his post Review: Windows XP. I was left in awe of Sean's superior sense of sarcasm after reading this biting parody on Microsoft's latest operating system. By pretending that Vista preceded Windows XP, Sean artfully makes his point that Vista has some serious issues while simultaneously causing Maalox sales to soar in Redmond.
  5. For Best Christmas Hoax...Fake Steve Jobs for his series of posts that culminated in Breakfast with an Apple lawyer. In order to highlight the recent ThinkGeek controversy, the fake Jobso pretended that he was being threatened and bribed into shutting down his blog by Apple legal goons. His Christmas Eve confession sparked much spirited debate between the embarrassed duped readers and the smug know-it-alls on whether or not he had pushed the boundaries of satire too far. I know I was personally devastated as I watched hoards of Venture Capitalists suddenly lose interest in my brilliant new business plan.
  6. For Best Journalistic Researching Effort...Rob Enderle for his post Is Apple Rotting from the Inside Out? Rob was one of the people who took Fake Steve Job's post a little too seriously and posted some harsh public accusations against Apple without first "checking his sources", which is a nice way of saying that he posted his diatribe two days after FSJ publicly confessed to it being a hoax. I guess professional journalists aren't held to the same researching standards as hobbyist bloggers. The comments on this site are brutal, but thoroughly entertaining. You know you've screwed up big when you're last name is combined with tard to form a new popular word (i.e. only an Endertard would do something that irresponsible).
  7. For Best Audio Cliff Notes...Justice Gray's post Audio highlights of .NET Rocks with Jeffrey Palermo & the MS MVC. After several pleasant months of relative silence, the "Master of Metrosexual Mischief" has once again emerged on the blogging scene to accost us with his unique brand of humor. In this post, he distills a one hour dotnetrocks episode on the MVC framework into 7 second remix of truly inspirational narcissism. Well played sir.
  8. The Personal Hygiene Exposé... Justin Etheredge for his post The Programmer Dress Code. It provides disturbing virtual photo album of some of the most influential computer scientists in our field. After reading this post, I've decided to stop bathing and doing laundry as part of a concerted effort to enhance my professional credentials.
  9. For Most Frightening Glimpse into the Potential Future of GeeksWithBlogs... D'Arcy Lussier for his post An Open Letter to Jeff Julian: Please Review My Expectations. D'Arcy causes mass hysteria with this post when he threatens to ban me for life from GeeksWithBlogs. The state department is currently leaning on the Canadian government to deport D'Arcy to Turkey so he can languish in a prison as proper punishment for his heresy.
  10. For Best Web 2.0 Holiday Cheer... James Dellow for his post Christmas 2.0: An interview with Barney Twinkletoes from Santa about Enterprise Web 2.0. It just wouldn't be Christmas without elf social networking sites and mashups involving Elf! Maps and the CRM Naughty or Nice database. You'd better be good this year or your name will appear in Santa's naughty RSS feed.
Once again, congratulations to all the winners. Hopefully we'll meet someday so you can claim the alcoholic or caffeinated prize beverage of your choice.

In case you've missed the prior award ceremonies, you can find them here
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