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Caffeinated Coder A Grande, Triple Shot, Non-Fat Core Dump by Russell Ball

The regular panel of judges used to select the monthly Caffeinated Codey winners are all far too hung over to competently decide the overall winners for the year, so I've decided to let the nominees fight it out pollDaddy style and then actually award the survivors real prizes for a change.


I have selected 4 categories with 5 nominees per category. All the nominees were either previous Caffeinated Codey winners or else featured in one of my review posts this year. For now, all of the categories revolve around humor, but perhaps if I can secure some proper sponsorship then I will do a second iteration that is slightly more technically focused.

In order to choose your favorites, click on the Vote link next to each category below. I apologize for not embedding the polls directly in this page, but the Jeff Julian and Subtext project team were wise enough to prevent me from entering script tags in the source page, so I had to settle for low tech polldaddy links instead.

The nominees with the most votes in each category as of 8 am on January 10th will be declared the official winners and receive full bragging rights for the entire year. But that's not all...


The four lucky winners will also each receive gift certificates to one of my favorite shopping destinations, Despair, Inc. I'm not sure about the exact amount of the certificates yet because I am trying to get some official sponsorship from this most excellent site, but if all else fails I'll at least hook the winners up with the cheap-bastard $10 gift cards so they buy cool stuff like this.

Ok, enough with the chit-chat. Let the games begin.

...and the Nominees are...

Best Blog Post Title [VOTE]
  1. Evan Hoff for Off-the-Shelf RAD is for Pimps, Hookers, and Johns--not Marriage [Sept CC]
  2. Justice Gray for Javascript raped my dog, and other falsehoods. [Sept CC]
  3. Roy Osherove for Do you like Boobs? [Sept CC]
  4. Ben Sheirman for Don't Make Squirrel Burgers [Oct CC]
  5. Max Pool for Don’t Unit Test? Start Counting Your “Oh Shits!" [Nov CC]
Best Technical Satire [VOTE]
  1. Philipp Lenssen for What If Gmail Had Been Designed by Microsoft? [Nov CC]
  2. Sean Hederman for Review: Windows XP. [Dec CC]
  3. Anonymous author for Alt.NET Pursefight round-up for 20 December [Dec CC]
  4. Fake Steve Jobs for (Daniel Lyons) Breakfast with an Apple lawyer [Dec CC]
  5. Justin Etheredge for The Programmer Dress Code [Dec CC]
Most Fun with Multi-Media [VOTE]
  1. Justice Gray for Audio highlights of .NET Rocks with Jeffrey Palermo & the MS MVC [Audio: Dec CC]
  2. D’Arcy Lussier’s for If Book Publishers Were Smart 2 [Photo (Book Cover): Aug CC]
  3. Rory Blyth for Neopoleon Goes YouTube - The Neopoleon Thanksgiving Special [Video: Nov Post]
  4. Anonymous Alt.NET pursefight authors for Weekend round-up for 22-23 December: Alt.Netcracker Edition [Photo (Oren & Laribee dancing nutcracker suite): Dec CC]
  5. Russell Ball for Scott Guthrie Gets an Image Makeover [Video: Oct post] - Sorry, I just couldn't resist slipping this one in.
Best Blog Humor [VOTE]
  1. Scott Hanselman for Caught in the Act [July CC]
  2. Justice Gray for What DevTeach 2007 is missing at DevTeach 2007 [Aug CC]
  3. Eric Sink for What Microsoft Doesn't Want You to Know about WPF [Aug CC]
  4. Mark Miller for My Last VSLive Session Ever? [Oct CC]
  5. Rory Blyth for A New Religion - A Neopoleon Religion [Nov post]

I hope everyone enjoys rereading these nominations as much as I did.

A special thanks to all the bloggers who were nominated for helping to lighten up a sometimes overly serious profession. Good luck to you.
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Comments on this post: 2007 Caffeinated Codey Final Showdown

# re: 2007 Caffeinated Codey Final Showdown
Requesting Gravatar...
LOL! Nicely done Russell. I'm loving these award posts. It's so hard to pick my favorites though...maybe I should setup a dartboard....
Left by George Clingerman on Jan 02, 2008 8:51 AM

# re: 2007 Caffeinated Codey Final Showdown
Requesting Gravatar...
@George - Thanks. They are a lot of fun to write. As far as the dartboard method is concerned, that is how I choose them to begin with so it seems like a legitimate method to me...:-)

If I can weasel my way into some prize sponsorship, then I am thinking of doing something similar every month. I'd like to reserve at least one spot for guest submissions and award a prize to the submitter of the one I choose to publish. Appropriately sarcastic commentary would of course be a prerequisite for submission.

Then I would include a polldaddy link at the end of the post to let people choose their favorite Caffeinated Codey winner for that month and then send the author of the top vote getter a prize.

That's my plan at least...
Left by Russell Ball on Jan 02, 2008 9:54 AM

# re: 2007 Caffeinated Codey Final Showdown
Requesting Gravatar...
I love where this blog has been going! All of these articles are phenomenal. Thanks Russell.
Left by Justice~! on Jan 03, 2008 11:57 AM

# re: 2007 Caffeinated Codey Final Showdown
Requesting Gravatar...
@Justice - Thanks! Positive feedback is always motivating.

It looks like you've established an early commanding lead in 2 of the 4 categories. Impressive! D'Arcy has the lead in another category so it looks like it could be a Canadian romp. We Americans will never hear the end of it.
Left by Russell Ball on Jan 03, 2008 12:04 PM

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