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Today was day one at HDC.  I've spoken to about 300 people so far today.  Most of my morning went something like this:

good mornin, good mornin, how are you, hello, good mornin, good mornin. hi. howdy. good mornin. hello. hi there. no its pronounce Ma-gen-ic, yeah, there's no T there. nope. just magenic. good mornin. yep. hi. mornin. sure I can draw a smily face instead. good mornin. thanks. mornin. nope, rockys not here... mornin. mornin. no i dont know where rocky is today. mornin. mornin. yeah I can stamp you.

here you go. yes its free. no you dont have to have a strategy session if you dont want. yes it really is free.

no they didnt hurt. nope, no regrets. *averts eyes, trying not to wince* oh that's a nice one... yeah. good mornin. good mornin. no rocky, sorry. just one hackysack please. thank you. good mornin. no im not rocky. seriously. no he's not here. please dont throw the hackysacks.

good afternoon. howdy. hello. yeah zune. no i dont have anything against ipods. yeah I know theres a newer zune coming out. no this is the original. yeah, the 40gig. im sorry you dont like zunes, I like mine. no really, I do. yeah. it plays fine. no i dont own an ipod. i just dont.  good afternoon. thanks. sure no problem. hello. hello. hello.

yes we're THAT magenic. yes rocky works for us. no he doesnt own the company. yeah csla is great. no I don't have the 3.0 book. no i dont have any candy other than mints. oh the next booth has candy bars? that's cool.  hello. hello. thank you. enjoying the show? great. how was lunch?  good. good.

I'd love to wrap this up by saying that I'll never make fun of booth bunnies again, but seriously... you know I will.  Still, it's been an  eye-opening experience. Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2007 2:26 PM General Interest | Back to top

Comments on this post: Tales from the Trenches, part one

# re: Tales from the Trenches, part one
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So...was Rocky there?

Left by D'Arcy from Winnipeg on Oct 18, 2007 3:02 PM

# re: Tales from the Trenches, part one
Requesting Gravatar...
Are you sure YOU are not Rocky?
Left by Jason Olson on Oct 18, 2007 4:25 PM

# re: Tales from the Trenches, part one
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OK you mentioned hackysacks (I want one!) but the real question is did you have any Magenic hats??
Left by Lou on Oct 19, 2007 6:43 AM

# re: Tales from the Trenches, part one
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Everyone loves Rocky one way or another, how could you not. He's in Michigan I think and still serving our country too!

He truly is a great guy, I hope he finds the right woman for him!

Left by silvia on May 04, 2009 4:19 PM

# re: Tales from the Trenches, part one
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I don't think we're talking about the same Rocky...
Left by Chris G. Williams on May 04, 2009 4:21 PM

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