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I was hoping to get this out earlier in the week, but real life, work and that annoying sleep habit I can't seem to kick all got in the way. Randy is a fellow VB MVP and "Carl & Gary's" alumni, but I'll let him tell you about that. Here are my NINE Questions with Randy Walker:

image 1. Where are you from?
Born in South Korea, adopted and lived all over the U.S.  While I consider myself an Arkansas Razorback by heart (Go Hogs!), I’m a Texan through and through.  I currently live and work in Northwest Arkansas, home of Wal-Mart, Tyson, JBHunt and the Univ of Arkansas. 

2. Who do you work for? Give me the 10 second pitch on them. Why would I want to buy their product?
I write and sell software to Vendorville.  A term coined for the Consumer Package Goods industry that sells their products in Wal-Mart stores.  Most people wouldn’t be interested in my product.

3. What brought you to your current employer?
I used to work for the Clorox Company in their Wal-Mart field office.  There was a really awful tool that we purchased, which works with Wal-Mart’s Business Intelligence website called Retail Link.  I said to myself, hey I can write something that can do that, and do it better.  So I did!

4. I know you mostly from GeeksWithBlogs ( and the MVP community, but that's just one side of you. What's something the world doesn't know about Randy Walker?
Unlike most MVPs that are awarded because of influence, I’m not as technical or as good of a speaker as the rest.  Where I tend to excel is in having a vision for long term goals and in recognizing the potential in people.  Currently I’m focused on building leaders in our local developer communities and bridging the gap between businesses and technology.

You can read about my personality type at, as well as take a test to find yours out at (in order to get the best results make sure to answer how you really are, not what you want to be).

On a more personal note, I’m a PK (pastor’s kid) and MK (missionary’s kid) and strive for balance in all things.

You can catch my Twitter at and my other blog:

5. As I mentioned in your introduction, you're a VB MVP, tell me about your coolest VB moment.
I started out in programming using VB4 for one month before switching to VB5.  One of the coolest moments of my career was meeting my developer hero, Carl Franklin.  Most people know him from DotNetRocks fame, but he used to run Carl & Gary’s VB website.  I can’t tell you the amount of hours he saved me while I was learning how to develop software and use VB.

6. So you're from Arkansas, and you're helping to build community leadership. Is there a big User Group scene there?
Actually, our local UG scene has grown by leaps and bounds.  We’ve really been able to build a large core group of leaders that are passionate about learning and sharing their knowledge.  I’d like to think that we have the highest active UG member to local developer ratio in the nation.

7. You're active with INETA as well, at the regional level. What's that like?
While I’ve only been a regional rep for INETA for 8 months, I’m just now getting the hang of it and actively trying to help out other user groups in Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.  Not knowing the local dev scene I’m responsible for, it’s hard to know how to help a user group grow, much less create good relationships with the leaders in that area.

8. Any non-technical hobbies?  What are they and why?
Sadly, not enough.  Pretty much my days are filled with actively attending church, taking care of my nearly 3 year old son and running my software business.  I do enjoy rock climbing and occasionally beating Josh Holmes in golf.

9. Last of all, any tattoos?
I once used a really cool temporary Visual Studio 2005 tattoo that Microsoft sent me, does that count?  (Chris: Nope!)

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