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Announcing the ASP.NET 2.0 Webcast Series!  From the site:  

Welcome to the Microsoft® ASP.NET 2.0 Webcast Series, sponsored by Microsoft, Dr. Dobb’s, and O’Reilly. Choose from 45 webcasts organized by track—JSP, PHP, and ColdFusion. Each track has been designed to take advantage of your existing Web development skills and includes insightful content contributed by Dr. Dobb’s and O’Reilly. Select the track you’re most familiar with, and then pick the webcast topics that’ll make your skill set even more versatile.

When you attend three webcasts, you’ll receive an ASP.NET 2.0 Development Pack, including Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005 Standard Edition (Not for Resale), five chapters of Programming ASP.NET 2.0 Core Reference, by Dino Esposito, and more.

 Get your complimentary ASP.NET 2.0 Development Pack.

Attend three webcasts, either live or on-demand, and you’ll receive*:

  • Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Standard Edition (Not for Resale)
  • Five chapters of Programming ASP.NET 2.0 Core Reference, by Dino Esposito
  • A 30-day hosting account to try out your custom Web applications
  • Microsoft Developer Security DVD with how-tos, white papers, tools, webcasts, and code samples that demonstrate how to write more secure code
  • A 50% discount on a Microsoft Certified Professional Exam so you can add your new skills to your resume
  • A voucher that allows you to buy Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition with an MSDN® Professional Subscription at renewal pricing (a $400 savings)
Altogether, this complimentary package has an estimated value of $400.
The link for the site is Register today, there are some awesome sessions up there.
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