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Ok, here’s the scene, I’m sitting in the audience at the CTDOTNET user group meeting, stuffing my face with pizza and picking my nose when I hear SB (user group leader guy) say something that resembles my name.  <munch><munch><pick><scratch><munch> There it is again, sounded like my name, something about Web Parts and ASP.NET and now everyone is looking at me, hmm…  Wait a minute, is tonight the night I am scheduled to present?  Heyyy, I think it is. Everyone’s looking at me, uh, maybe…


Ok it wasn’t exactly like that, but I did take the plunge last night and I delivered my first public .NET presentation.  I did intro to Web Parts, and I think it went ok.  The evals were good, and I felt it went ok, for a first time ever speaking type thing.  I wasn’t exactly caught off guard like the first paragraph might misrepresents.  Actually, I probably over-over-over worried / prepared / re-worked the talk. 


Picture eminem in 8 mile, I was in the men’s room at the local Microsoft office, minutes before the talk, in a stall, with a VB for Applications hooded sweatshirt (hood up), getting sick in the stall, sweaty-ily (not a real word but it fits) clutching a Bluetooth keyboard and some PowerPoint printouts close to my chest, my MP3 player jamming out some Dot Net Rocks montage (a nice mix of the Dunn Years, the Rory Era and the Campbell Saga I might add) and me bopping my head to the Toy Boy theme getting pumped up! 


Thanks to all the audience, you were gentle and kind and understanding, I had a good time, hope you had a good time, and hope someone (besides me!) learned something.  I may even do something like that again.  I plan on doing the same talk (only way more gooder) at Code Camp 5, as well as a VB2005 for VB6 developers session.  I will get the slides cleaned up tonight and have them to SB tomorrow night.  For that one person who was at the group and actually reads this, I will drop a note here as well pointing to the demo and slides.  Thanks to everyone who sat through it tonight and thanks to SB for giving me the opportunity to talk! 


Oh and next time, I’m bringing my bass and jamming a few tunes during the talk a-la Mr Franklin  : )  


Oh, Oh, if you run a user group around New England and want to watch a sweaty fat guy stumble uncomfortably (for him and the audience) through a Web Parts presentation, feel free to contact me!

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