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While checking different tools lists of people I admire, (Hanselman's is still the best) I came across a great little exe called Query Express.  It's a single EXE, no install no mess.  It's written in .net and you can get the exe or the .net project to compile yourself if you are paranoid.  It also sounds like you can take the project and roll it into your own commercial apps for free.  It's compatible with 1.1 and 2.0 and up.   

Ok so it's a single, no install exe, but what does it do?  It's basically a Query Analyzer standalone that can talk to any SQL database, as well as Oracle and any Ole-db.  I actually dug out the connection string for access and was able to do some work on a server on an app that uses an access DB with no access installed on the machine. 

I actually used it today at work twice.  If you get stuck for the odd connection string, I recommend

In query express you can also right click on tables and fields to get some common queries stubbed out for you.

download it from :

add it to your portable apps thumb drive today.

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plz email me the access connection string you use.
thankx in advance
Left by Maq on Feb 08, 2008 5:13 AM

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