New Features in Reporting Services in SQL 2005

I have been asked a couple of times now, “what new features are coming in SQL 2005?” and even by people that have access to, or have seen the CTP. It's true that there have not been a lot of changes in SRS, let's face it, the version released for SQL 2000 was really just a pre-release of the SQL 2005 version. But in the 18 months or so there have been a number of small changes that really to add to the products maturity. The following list summarising the major changes was taken from the Microsoft website.
  • Direct Client Printing
  • User Sorting
  • Multivalued Parameters
  • Custom Report Items
  • Report Designer Improvements
  • Analysis Services Query Designer (only with AS2005)
  • SQL Server Management Studio Integration
  • Sharepoint Webparts
  • Visual Studio Integration (can use custom .Net objects are data sources!)
  • Report View Controls
  • Report Builder Client
  • Report Builder Model Designer
For more detail, have a look at the full article here.

Print | posted on Friday, June 24, 2005 5:43 PM