May 2006 Entries

Edward Melomed is Blogging
[via Mosha] Edward is Program Manager for Analysis Services and is very active on the Analysis Services forum and he has just started a blog at He has a great first post on connectivity problems which is a recurring theme in the forum and newsgroup. Welcome to blogging Edward ......

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Sending XMLA to Analysis Services the easy way
I love Chris Harrington's Thin Olap site http://www.activeinterface.... which has a stack of examples on sending XMLA using VBScript. However I recently came across an easier way to send XMLA to Analysis Services using .Net. There is an assembly called Microsoft.AnalysisServices.... that is distributed with Analysis Services 2005, it is installed in GAC on the server or can be found in “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\SDK\Assemblies... by default. If you add ......

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Anyone else think the Office 12 beta site may have been under some pressure today?
I think the Office 12 beta site may have been showing signs of the pressure today (I am waiting for the latest bits to download as I type this) The first sign was the missing “Next“ button as I went through the registration screens. I did not think much more of it until I recieved the following email: I backed up and checked that I had definitely chosen the “English” option. Maybe there is some German out there looking in bewilderment at an email in English. So if you come ......

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Office 12 Beta 2 was released today

I got the email today! The Microsoft Office System 2007 beta2 is now available as a free download from here

I'm really keen to have a play with the new pivot tables in Excel 2007.

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This looks pretty cool and I have already seen a few articles touting it as the successor to GotDotNet. It will be interesting to see how this goes. I for one will be watching it closely. [via Oleg Tkachenko ] CodePlex is an online software development environment for open and shared source developers to create, host and manage projects throughout the project lifecycle. It has been written from the ground up in C# using .NET 2.0 technology with Team ......

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MDX Browser/DOM sample application
I just noticed that Eugene Asahara has posted some sample code at the end of a relatively long post here: It sounds pretty interesting, I have already downloaded it, I now just need to find a few more hours in the day to have a look at it. :) 

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It's nice to be appreciated
I have a little sample Excel macro that keeps multiple pivot tables synchronised here (which has had 387 downloads to date). I had a question recently as to whether it could be made to work with non-Olap data sources, it turned out that it was not too hard to implement, so I posted an update. The next day I recieved the following email: I'm renaming my first born after you! She'll probably be upset but she'll deal with it. It's ......

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OT: Word Jumble
Re-arrange the letters of the words on the left hand side to get the words on the right. I like the last one, of course it's no reflection on my lovely Mother in Law, it's a cruel stereotype (but still funny <grin>) Astronomer => Moon starer The Eyes => They see The Morse Code => Here come dots Election results => Lies. Let's recount Eleven plus two => Twelve plus one ......

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Don't use ROUND() in a Reporting Services Model against a UDM
I recently had an interchange with someone on the Olap newsgroup who was having trouble with a Report Builder model based on their Analysis Services UDM. Just as a bit of background, Marco Russo has an excellent post here on how to build a report model based on an Analysis Services UDM. This is not exactly what I would call an intuative operation, but I am assuming that the function was put in SSMS rather than BIDS as there is no real ......

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Effective Blog Reading - Organising my RSS Feeds
I read this post from Mitch which referred to a post from Darren (another one <g>) about how he is now using Google Reader to read his RSS feeds. I love the idea of reading feeds online, it's great to be able to move from work to home to a client site and get a consistent view of all your feeds. I did try Google Reader briefly, but quickly went back to Bloglines ( I found that while Google Reader had a really slick, ajax style interface, the thing that ruined it for me was ......

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A PowerShell provider for Analysis Management Objects
The more I play with PowerShell the more I like it. And now that I have a provider working that allows me to link in an Analysis Services server and navigate through the object hierarchy. Here is an early picture of the Shell (developed while PowerShell was still know by its code name of Monad) The screenshot above shows a PowerShell console that is connected to a drive called “amo“ which is linked to the SQL05 instance of Analysis Services 2005 on my localhost. One of the biggest differences ......

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