Excel versions and Performance Point 2007

My Boss asked me an interesting question the other day - "what version of Excel is needed to run the Performance Point planning (Biz#) application?". Anyone involved in the CTP will know that in the VPC image they are using Excel 2007, but it could be years before some of the larger organisations even start to consider moving to Office 2007.

Not knowing the answer I checked with Ben who I knew from his Intelligent Insight blog and he said that both Excel 2007 and 2003 will run the Biz# add-in. Although it really should be noted that some of the new features, like the improved conditional formatting in Excel 2007 can really make Performance Point "light up". You will still see the same figures in Excel 2003, but the overall user experience should be significantly better with Excel 2007.

Print | posted on Thursday, February 22, 2007 8:57 PM