SSIS Best Practices - SQL Down Under Code Camp 2007

This post is mainly for those people that were at my presentation at this years SQL Down Under Code Camp. I said that I would post the slides and the sample project (there are links at the end of this post) and here they are.

Note: Some of the demos are using the trash destination and the data generation data source from direct links to these two components are available below with the other resource links.

The slides on their own are probably not very meaningful if you were not there. I worked hard to develop some engaging visuals, but they really went hand in hand with the narrative and the demonstrations. I am a bit of a fan of the Presentation Zen blog and incorporated some of the things that I learned from there into my presentation.

I had two main motivations behind putting this presentation together. The first was that SSIS in SQL Server 2005 is pretty much a version1 product. And as such even some very smart people are sometimes finding it hard to get it working they way they want.


The second point was that SSIS did not "get a lot of love" in Australia this year. There were some sessions at Tech Ed this year that incorporated some SSIS content, but I don't think there was a single session that was focused specifically on SSIS.

The content in my presentation was assembled from various places, but the bulk if it was from postings from my friend Jamie Thomson's blog, this one in particular. There were really too many items to mention them all specifically and I was afraid that doing so would have lead to DBP (Death By Powerpoint tm). So I developed an acrostic to group them into 5 main themes. If you are interested to see all the individual "best practices" you can view the presentation in Notes view and you will see that each of the 5 key slides has a list of associated best practices.



There was one important thing that I meant mention,but forgot to. During the demonstration on how adding a "union all" component into a data flow can increase performance by introducing another execution tree (as seen in the ProjectREAL samples) I meant to mention that this little hack is not going to be needed with SQL Server 2008 as it will be smart enough to spin up extra threads if it needs to.

For anyone who is just interested in the resource links I have copied those out below

 UPDATE 23 Oct 2007: added alternate download links as the primary link appears to be down at the moment

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