July 2010 Entries

PowerSSAS v0.3.1.0 released
Today I put out a new release for PowerSSAS. This release adds the following new cmdlets: backup-ASDatabase clear-ASCache get-ASConnection get-ASRole restore-ASDatabase It also includes a Powershell v2 .psd1 module file and includes the option to just download a zip file which can be copied into a folder your modules folder. So you can now install PowerSSAS without needing to have admin privileges. There are instructions on installing PowerSSAS as a v2 module here. I have also done some preliminary ......

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Speaking at the Sydney SQL User Group
Next Tuesday, July 13 I will be speaking at the Sydney SQL User Group on "BI Power Tools". I am going to run through some of my favourite free BI tools including (but not limited to) some of the projects that I contribute to like BIDS Helper, the AS Stored Procedure project and PowerSSAS. See here http://www.sqlserver.org.au... for more details and to register ......

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MVP for another Year
Even though this is my 5th year as an MVP, it was still exciting to see an email from the MVP Award program in my inbox on Friday morning saying that I had been re-awarded for another year. I am very honoured to have been re-awarded ......

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