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Access Salesforce Data as OData Feeds in Tableau

This article will explain how to use the Salesforce Cloud Driver to provide the underlying connectivity to Salesforce data in Tableau's business intelligence tool.

  1. If you have not already connected successfully in the cloud driver administration console, see the "Getting Started" chapter in the help documentation for a guide.
  2. In Tableau, select 'Connect to data'. In the 'On a server' section, click OData.

  3. In the resulting wizard, enter the OData URL of the cloud driver's endpoint. Append the name of the table you want to access to the OData entry URL. For example:

  4. Select the 'Use a Username and Password' option and enter the username and password (authtoken) of a user who has access to the cloud driver. You can add users by clicking Settings -> Security in the cloud driver administration console.
  5. When the connection to the cloud driver is successful, give the connection a name and click the OK button.

  6. Tableau uses the table metadata exposed by the cloud driver to detect dimension and measure columns.

    The data loaded in Tableau. (Salesforce is shown.)
  7. To view the Salesforce data, right-click under the table name in the Data section of the dashboard and select the View Data option. The Salesforce data will appear in Tableau.

    A grid of data in Tableau. (Salesforce is shown.)

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