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Import Salesforce Data into Google Spreadsheets
The Salesforce Cloud Driver enables applications to connect to Salesforce data via Web services. In Google Spreadsheets, you can consume Web services in the CSV format by calling the ImportData function. You can follow the three steps below to use the ImportData function to consume Salesforce data in Google Spreadsheets.If you have not already connected successfully in the cloud driver administration console, see the "Getting Started" chapter in the help documentation for a guide.Authenticate your ......

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Integrate Apps with Gmail (.NET or Java).
Use the CData Google ADO.NET Provider or JDBC Driver to read and search email messages on your Gmail accounts.The CData Google Data Provider for ADO.NET allows you to use the search capabilities in IMAP to query your Gmail account. This article will explore how to execute your own custom queries from your application. We will use the CData Google Data Provider along with the Google Email demo to execute custom queries on a Gmail account.Step 1: Navigate to the \demos - winform\googlemail\ folder ......

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Using SQL to Query Gmail
The Gmail Data Provider makes it easy to search email from a Gmail account. Instead of learning the details of the IMAP search command, you can simply use the simple SQL syntax. However, the full IMAP search specification is supported. You can also search based on multiple criteria at the same time. This article will demonstrate how to use SQL to execute simple and advanced IMAP searches. Message FieldsFor simple searches, such as searching for all emails from a particular person, you can use message ......

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Sync Google Calendar with SharePoint Calendar
The CData Data Providers make it easy to build applications that need to move data from one source to another. The simple, uniform SQL syntax makes it easy to retrieve and update data in Google and SharePoint.This article shows how to use the demo Windows application to sync Google and SharePoint calendars.Connect to Google and SharePointTo connect to Google, specify the User and Password connection properties. Alternatively, you can use OAuth.To connect to SharePoint On-Premise, specify the User ......

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Hooking into Google Apps With CData Google Data Provider
By Mike Gold, November 30, 2010 This article was originally written and hosted on c-sharp cornerIntroductionThe world is full of information and there are all kinds of ways to access it. The Microsoft .NET framework provides several convenient ways to access data from different data sources, whether it's an XML file, a web stream, or a database. For databases, Microsoft offers several techniques for retrieving the data. One of the simplest forms is through an ADO.NET Data Provider. The Data Provider ......

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Query Google Calendars, Contacts, and Documents from PowerShell
Are you looking for a quick and easy way to access Google Drive from PowerShell? The CData Google Apps Data Provider provides an easy-to-use ADO.NET interface that you can take advantage of from PowerShell scripts. Simply use the included .NET objects in your PowerShell scripts to connect to Google Apps and synchronize, automate, download, and more!Connect to Google AppsTo connect to any CData ADO.NET Provider from Powershell, first load the provider assembly, located in the lib subfolder in the ......

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