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Publish Reports with Salesforce Data in Crystal Reports
Use the Report Wizard to design a report based on up-to-date Salesforce data.Crystal Reports provides built-in support for the JDBC standard. The CData JDBC Driver for Salesforce enables you to use the Report Wizard and other tools to access Salesforce data in Crystal Reports. This article shows how to create a simple report that features Salesforce data.Connect To Salesforce DataFollow the procedure below to use the Report Wizard to create the Salesforce connection.If you have not already done so, ......

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Connect to Dynamics CRM Data in Jaspersoft Studio
Create reports based on live data in Jaspersoft Studio.This article shows how to use the CData JDBC Driver for Dynamics CRM to create a basic Jaspersoft Studio report that features Dynamics CRM data in a table and a chart. Each time you run the report, the chart and table will display the live data. You will use wizards in JasperSoft to build several SQL queries that will populate the report elements. The driver enables you to use standard SQL while skipping the process of copying the data into a ......

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Design a Custom SAP Function Module to Circumvent RFC_READ_TABLE Limitations

While the SAP SDK provides the RFC_READ_TABLE for accessing data from SAP tables, using it to select data is limited to 512 bytes at a time so you may not be able to retrieve all columns. You can resolve this limitation by defining a custom function module that will allow you to select any result set you need.

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Using CData JDBC Drivers in ColdFusion
The CData JDBC Drivers can be used in any environment that supports loading a JDBC Driver. In this tutorial we will explore using the CData Salesforce JDBC Driver from within ColdFusion.To begin, this tutorial will assume that you have already installed the CData Salesforce JDBC Driver as well as Adobe ColdFusion v10, and that you already have a Salesforce account and access token (See our forum for more details about getting an access token).Add the CData JDBC Driver to ColdFusion's lib directory.Copy ......

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Integrate Apps with Gmail (.NET or Java).
Use the CData Google ADO.NET Provider or JDBC Driver to read and search email messages on your Gmail accounts.The CData Google Data Provider for ADO.NET allows you to use the search capabilities in IMAP to query your Gmail account. This article will explore how to execute your own custom queries from your application. We will use the CData Google Data Provider along with the Google Email demo to execute custom queries on a Gmail account.Step 1: Navigate to the \demos - winform\googlemail\ folder ......

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Using SQL to Query Gmail
The Gmail Data Provider makes it easy to search email from a Gmail account. Instead of learning the details of the IMAP search command, you can simply use the simple SQL syntax. However, the full IMAP search specification is supported. You can also search based on multiple criteria at the same time. This article will demonstrate how to use SQL to execute simple and advanced IMAP searches. Message FieldsFor simple searches, such as searching for all emails from a particular person, you can use message ......

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