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    Window Vista will finally be released officially tomorrow, and there is a lot of buzz on some blogs about the good, the bad and the ugly of Vista.  Suffice it to say Vista looks great but has some frustrating usability issues related to security.  What interests right now (as I am in the market for a computer) is the general lack of readiness by many software and hardware vendors (read drivers) to support Vista.  Currently Computers on come with the Vista OS on them, you can not select Window XP.  However, you are out of luck if you are interested in adding a tuner card to take advantage of the new Vista Media Center functionality.  Apparently no Vista driver exists for the card Dell used with XP Media center, so they don't offer one for the time being. 
    Granted these type of driver issues are to be expected when a major OS is rolled out.  More interesting to me is the software that does not appear to work or to be supported in Vista.  My wife is an Architect, and she uses Autodesk's "AutoCAD," which apparently has some issues running in Windows Vista.  What is AutoCAD's solution?  Wait until the next version comes out!   Apparently they do not feel the need to plan for a SP, or even to prepare a whitepaper informing users how to best use AutoCAD in Vista.  Adobe recently released the latest version Adobe Premier Elements.  However a quick look at their online forum shows that users are having trouble getting it to run run in Window Vista, and that Adobe promises a Vista SP, but does not specify a date.  And of course there are the issues with MS Visual Studio in Windows Vista related to (among other things) debugging.  At least with Visual Studio a SP is on the way.  This is just a first pass by me before the release date.
    What is interesting to me is that so many software companies (Microsoft especially) are not further along in supporting Windows Vista.  I think up until this point, the attitude at many organizations (I know at Autodesk) was "test it on XP, and test it on Vista if can get a copy or get around to it."  Now that Vista systems are shipping, this will change overnight.  To some extent I expect a period of adjustment when a major new OS is released, however it seems unusual to me that this issue is so pervasive and industry wide.  I do not recall, was the issue so wide when XP was released?  Regardless, I expect Vista compatibility issues to be a big issue over the next 3-6 months.   
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