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There are nowadays two terms that are used by the developers : 'stub' and 'mock'.

SharpArhitecture use FluentValidators instead of NHibernate Validators.

To run the tests that use MBUnit, you should install the following plugin for resharper: MbUnit Plugin Resharper, in this case you'll never fail again when you choose 'Run Unit Tests' in the context menu.

You encounter the problem that your CPU is very high? Don't think it's a disaster, try to check this solution. I may be suitable for you case.

In this post I share my experience in choosing the most elegant .NET ORM Tool, that you cand also be in searching of

Case Study, learning materials for domain driven design, that I suggest to all of you to get aquainted with DDD.

Shows you an elegant way of accessing the methods declared in master page from the content page.

You are stuck into the problem that your WCF application don't support more that 5 users simultaneously? Check it here the answer to your problem.

Easiest way to get the data from RSS Feed.

How to establish the correct url of application no matter the server on wich is running the application without configure it in the web.config

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