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Our project goal in 2010 was to push out the solved issues and a couple of features in the SharpBox library within a new release. I'm proud to announce that we achieved this goal on the last day of this year. Special thanks to our active project members Yury, Renald and Jay.

The following list gives you a brief overview about the changes we did:

  • Feature - The IFileSystemEntry exposes more attributes, e.g. size and modified data
  • Feature - Add methods that accept file/directory as a string argument
  • Feature - Event for web request progress, e.g. download or upload of files
  • Feature - Support for setting special webproxy configurations
  • Feature - New API to get the direct URL of a file stored in the cloud
  • Feature - Support for new APIs to serialize and deserialize the generated securityaccesstoken
  • Change - Dropbox protocol will be switched from http to https
  • Change - The oAuth callback url can be defined in the dropbox configuration class, default value will be
  • Change - New signature for UploadFile method
  • Fix - UploadFile(String, ICloudDirectoryEntry) shall throw exception rather than return bool
  • Fix - CloudStorage.DownloadFile creates an empty file in the destination folder if the cloud file is missing
  • Fix - Added encoding of parantheses and other letters in the url for the DropBox provider

The new version can be downloaded from our project website This is the first version which contains prebuilded binaries for iPhone and iPad as well.


Posted on Friday, December 31, 2010 9:43 AM .NET Coding , Apple Mac OS X , SharpBox | Back to top

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