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No we are not dead - the SharpBox project is alive. We prepared so many things for you driven by the community in SharpBox 1.1 that we need your help. Just a brief overview about what's currently in the trunk:

  • Support for generic WebDav storage provider
  • Changed WebRequest subsystem to ensure that we up and download directly into the network streams
  • Combined everything into one assembly to make your life easier
  • Brand new storage provider API to make it easier for storage provider developer
  • Reference Integration Tests for new storage providers based on NUnit
  • Better SSL handling also with non trusted certificates if needed
  • Android and Windows Phone 7 Support

and behind the scene we changed our hole infrastructure, we moved to Teamcity as our master build controller. With this step we achieved the following goals:

  • Every check-in will raise a new build of the library
  • Every check-in will start the execution of our reference integration tests based on NUnit

So we know after 5 minutes does the SharpBox library works as aspected or not!

Today I want to start the first phase of stabilization. This phase is focused on developers who are working very intensive with the lib. Please take the trunk code and test them against your existing projects. Would also be nice to get many feedback about the new WebDav Storage Provider as well. Check out the code also on The Mono Project, monoTouch, monoDroid and Windows Phone 7 to help us to get the mobile and non Windows platforms as stable as possible.

Thanks a lot for your help and let us hear about your result in form of issues or e-mails!

Posted on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 11:23 PM .NET Coding , Coding , SharpBox | Back to top

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