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Access with SharpBox 1.1
With the help of the StoreGate folks we were able to adjust our WebDav client to be compatible with this service as well. SharpBox 1.1 will support StoreGate as a supported cloud storage provider as well. I personally like the performance of the StoreGate system, it's very fast when you up- or download many files, outstanding. Thanks to the StoreGate product management team who supports me during the adaption period ......

Posted On Friday, June 17, 2011 1:25 AM

Sharpbox 1.1 with support

After a couple of fixes in our generic WebDAV code the SharpBox library contains experimental support for via the WebDAV interface. I'm using this interface because the RESTful API is currently not ready for desktop application without website interaction, e.g. NT Services or other WCF Service. The stable support will be part of the official 1.1 release.

I'm happy about feedback to improve performance and stability!

Posted On Wednesday, June 8, 2011 12:18 AM

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