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First Impressions of XBox 360

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 9:28 PM

I finally plugged in my Xbox 360 tonight and got it up and running. I must say that I'm impressed with the hardware. It's a much nicer design than the old XBox (side by side, you can totally tell that Microsoft has improved over the original, bulky design). The controllers, which I thought I'd deteste, I actually really like! Wireless is a beautiful thing, and the controls are very responsive and comfortable.

But what about the games? I have two: Project Gotham Racing 3 and Call of Duty 2.

Project Gotham Racing 4/5
PGR3 was an impulse buy, as I normally don't play racing games. But I wanted to try something different and there was a 10$ off coupon at Best Buy for it, so what the heck. The game is excellent, with a crapload of cars to choose from (real ones from real manufacturers), loads of tracks (and a custom track builder to make your own!), and the physics of the game are bang on. I like how you score points for doing different “moves”...very well done. My only quip (and its small) is the unrealistic crashing. You can crash into stuff...but it does nothing to your car. But that aside, this is a must have for any race enthusiast or for the casual race gamer (like myself). I can't wait to try it on XBox Live (more on THAT fiasco later).

Call of Duty 2 4/5
I didn't really know what Call of Duty was about other than WW2 games. I know that the first one was very well received and there were high expectations of this one. So far, from what I've played, this game kicks major @$$! The presentation is amazing, the GRAPHICS are unreal! (you can actually see the potmarks on the face of your commanding officer), and the action is fluid, fast paced, and exciting! They also give you a bit of a history lesson with real footage, which is a nice touch. You start off in “Enemy at the Gates” basically, with the Nazis invading the Motherland (read: Russia). I'd give this a 5/5 except I haven't had the chance to play online yet (more on that fiasco in a sec), but I'm pretty confident it'll be just as good.

So what's this XBox Live fiasco I talk about? I can't switch my account over to XBox 360! I can't even associate my passport with my gamer tag at XBox.com! Apparantly there's something wrong with the account information I put in, even though its verbatem what's stored on my original XBox machine! It makes no sense. Of course, a call to XBox Live support tells me that they're experiencing higher than normal call volume. So what's a guy to do? Luckily the single player games on both are fantastic, but still...I wanna play online with my peeps!

Tired...bedtime...and don't go by the time on this blog! It's wrong (even thoguh I'm set for Central time). It's actually 12:30 AM here.



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