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XBox Live Woes

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 8:02 AM

It's not really that difficult...all I want to do is associate my XBox Live gamertag with my 360. But for some reason it doesn't want to take. So I try to associate my passport and gamertag on the xbox website. Same thing: I get errors.

So this morning I called XBox support. I talked to a very nice girl (can't remember her name) who was very helpful, and bugged not one but two supervisors on my behalf. The first supervisor sounded like a tool, but the second one, Chris, was helpful...although we didn't solve my problem. Over the course of troubleshooting, he did drop a tid-bit of info: apparantly, your XBox Live account info and your Microsoft Passport information MUST be IDENTICAL for it to work, or else it won't...but it won't tell you that's the issue. I made sure my info was the same, and I'm still having issues though, so no dice there. But an interesting tidbit none-the-less.

Oh, and apparantly I was banned from Halo 2 this morning. That's troubling since I didn't PLAY Halo 2 this morning. Oh my...



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