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How to kill a great gaming license

Friday, December 2, 2005 3:27 AM

Back in high school, while many were playing Dungeons and Dragons, I was playing a series of games put out by Palladium Books . I spent much time with friends plaing TMNT and Robotech. But the most beloved RPG from Palladium was RIfts. Rifts melded technology and modern weapons with magic and the arcane, all dumped into a future post-apocalyptic setting. There was a big war, all the nukes exploding caused lines of magic called ley-lines to surface which opened doors to other dimensions, which were home to other creatures. So in the Rifts world, Canada is a barren wasteland (ok, so that didn't change) overrun by huge bugs, Mexico is overtaken by vampires, Atlantis has resurfaced, and there's a new nazi-ish (I pulled a Chris!) organization called the Coalition that's determined to wipe out all mutants because they're different.

I really REALLY loved this game! It was fun to play, fun to run campaigns on, and the game system was easy to pick up on. But I thought to myself, why hasn't anyone decided to try and make a game out of this?! In my vision of what this would be, Bio-Ware would pick up the license and make a trilogy of games for the XBox 360! Instead...sigh...we have Rifts: Promise of Power that's coming out...for the Nokia N-Gage!

Seriously, was there no other developer that was up for taking on this license?! Did Kevin Siembieda have an N-Gage and like it, deciding that THAT had to be the platform for his creation to be realized on?!

Sigh...I guess I'll just have to wait for Mass Effect to come out before enjoying a deep RPG experience on my 360.



# re: How to kill a great gaming license

Dear god... the N-Gage? Well, that's guaranteed to sell ONE copy...

What a joke.

Mass Effect, otoh, looks compelling... 12/2/2005 12:09 PM | Chris Williams

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