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Microsoft better strike while the iron is hot!

Wednesday, December 7, 2005 5:32 AM

Sometimes opportunity falls in your lap. Of course, opportunity without action results in nothing.

Recently the Gartner group issued a statement urging companies NOT to use BlackBerry devices for mission critical communication projects pending the result of a patent lawsuit before the courts. (read the article here).

Now, yes Google is the primary target, but DING DING DING! I think that's opportunity knocking at the door! There is now going to be companies asking what alternatives there are to BlackBerry devices. The obvious answer should be: Windows Mobile and PPC devices. I don't wish ill on BlackBerry or their company, but being a Microsoft mark I think this is a great thing for fellow cf developers to really show off what .NET can do to an all-of-a-sudden captive audience.

So if there was ever a time to pitch a mobile solution to your boss as a product or solution, now is definately the time!



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