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Show your Web Site's Solution File

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 10:42 AM

This is a small, small tip...but its another tip nonetheless.

When you create a new website in VS.NET 2005, you may notice that there's no solution file. This can make things a little frustrating when trying to use VSS. To un-hide the solution file, from within VS.NET 2005 go to tools > options, and then select Projects and Solutions (the General tab should show by default). Now, look down that list of checkboxes and you'll see “Always show solution”. That's it.

Other useful options:

“Show All Settings“ Checkbox.
Very useful to getting access to (you guessed it) all the settings.

Projects and Solutions\General: “Save new projects when created.”
Just in case you liked 2003 and how it would create projects all over the place even if you just wanted to test out a snippet of code.

Windows Forms Designer: “Data UI Customization”
When you drag a datasource onto a winform, you can actually set what type of controls will be automatically be created to bind to the data. But what if you have a custom control, or you want to use a control that isn't available in the list of controls associted with a given datatype? That's what this option screen allows you to do: specify which controls are available to be bindable to for a given datatype.

Y'know, sometimes I just want to see my last project when I open vs.net and not the start page. This lets you set what your preference is. As well, you can set what your start page news channel is, and how often content gets updated.

Source Control
A must-know for anyone who will be working with a some source control provider. Set your provider, administer the login, etc. Good times.


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