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April 2006 Entries

Developer Night in Canada

John Bristowe is heading up a Canadian developer site called Developer Night in Canada (its a take on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada moniker). The focus is Canadian geeks talking tech on podcasts. So far they have a handful up there: Mack Male on PodcastingAdam Gallant on VSTSRichard Lander on CLRGuy Barrette on Dev Teach, Tech Ed 2006, and Windows Workflow FoundationAnd last but not least (in fact, definately check out his podcast because its better than all the others...and I'm not just saying that ......

Mobile Certs Needed

I think that the new way of catagorizing people into “Technology Specialists” and specific Professional Developer categories is excellent...but I really think that those that work solely in the mobile realm get shafted. I mean, the majority of devs do web development, or windows development, with some web service/database/etc. thrown in here and htere. But the more I work on mobile development, the more I realize that you need people ho have a firm understanding of the challanges that ......

New SQL 2005 Exam Counts Towards MCSD

According to this page on the Microsoft site, the new 70-431 exam now counts towards an MCSD certification, and you get a TS: SQL Server 2005 to boot!


Web Service Monkey Off My Back

So I went in this morning and passed my 70-310 exam...FINALLY...but more importantly, it gives me my fourth exam towards MCSD and my MCAD designation.

It also means that I only need to write one exam to upgrade to the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer status (well, one each if I want to get both web and windows).

I've still got my eye on the MCSD though...I'm thinking SQL 2000 will be my next one.


Hockey, ITunes, and Canada

Ottawa just wiped their collective @$$es with the Tampa Bay Lighting...8 - 5...oops, goal not counted...make the final 8 - 4. Weird scores for these playoffs, but very good hockey. I was listening to the Diggnation podcast that came out a few weeks back (episode 41 I believe). Alex and Kevin were talking about how it sucked that so many of the kewl products out there never make it to the states. Seriously, you people in the States have NO idea how much it sucks up here in Canada! Never mind the fact ......

Blog Spam

Anyone else getting some drug company spamming their blog comments?


This just in: Chris Williams is NOT dead

Chris posted about how rumors of his demise were exagerated (http://geekswithblogs.net/cwilliams/archive/2006/04/20/75680.aspx).

Unfortunately, this means that the lottery to be held this weekend to divy up his collection of D&D memorabilia and arcade games is cancelled.



Steak Marinade

While I'm waiting for my DNN module to finish installing, I thought I'd post the steak marinade for those of you as pumped about cooking meat on an open fire as I am. In a container, mix: - enough red wine to cover the bottom plus a bit more- 2 - 3 Tblsp of olive oil- 2 - 3 tblsp of balsamic vinegar- 3 tblsp of chopped garlic- 2 - 3 tblsp of Montreal Steak Spice rub- 2 - 3 tblsp of montreal steak spice- 2 squeezes of HP sauce- 2 shakes of Worstershire sauce- 3 squirts your favorite bbq sauce- 3 - ......

Tequila Lime Chicken

Made this for dinner the other night. Had to go hunting for the recipe at the local Chapters because Ms. Barefoot Lady doesn't post her recipe's on the food network's website like every other television chef...but it was well worth the hunt! 1/2 cup Tequila1 cup lime juice (freshly squeezed, none of that bottled crap)1/2 cup orange juice (feel free to use the bottled crap)1 jalapeno pepper chopped up, no seeds (unless you like really hot)1 tblsp chili powder1 tblsp garlic (or more if you want)2 tsp ......

Time for a New Wardrobe Geeks!

Ah Spring...that time where we all are forced to shed winter jackets and long sleeved shirts for...uh...for...for what? I don't know about you, but my spring/summer wardrobe is looking like the Walmart fashions from two years ago...and I love Old Navy, but do they think only surfers shop there?! Everything is surf this, surf that...I'm in Manitoba...there's no ocean for miles! (although I'm sure those in the flooded southern Manitoba regions would disagree...but I digress)... So here is a spring ......

Japanese Giant Hornets

I saw this National Geographic special last night...very kewl, and very scary (nevermind killer bees, check out the video to see how 30 - 40 hornets can eliminate a whole hive of hundreds of honey bees.)



Microsoft Web Standards

Interesting article here explaining Microsoft's design decisions when creating their ASP.NET “Basic” design template.

Of note is the comment about using div's for layout instead of tables. I'm curious:

How many people actually use div tags to define their layouts over tables for the majority of their development?


Topher Topher...Topher?!

According to imdb and an article quoting Kirsten Dunst on RottonTomatoes, we now have confirmation on who the villains are going to be in Spiderman 3...and I must say that unless they're going to make Spidey 3 into LoTR length, I'm a little scared. Green Goblin 2, Sandman, and yes - Venom, will be the three villains facing spidey in the third installment. But let's think about this for a second: Green Goblin 2: This has been the ongoing story arc for the entire three movies, so it HAS to be resolved ......

Back in the East

So once again Winnipeg takes one for the team and switches back to the Eastern division with the Ottawa Renegades being suspended for the 2006 season. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The first reaction most people will have is to look at the Allouettes and Argos and groan in the “we're so going to get our @$$es handed to us” sort of way. Not necesarily though. Our new head coach is from the Als...and there's not much difference between being in a division with the Als/ARgos ......

Great System.Net.Mail Site

Excellent site that covers pretty much everything you need to know about System.Net.Mail namespace.



Ramblings from Life

So what's new in the life of a Canadian geek... iStockPhotoSo I've been going to Getty Images for sites for our new company website, but the images are a bit expensive. I found a new site, iStockPhoto, in a magazine I was reading. At first it looked really good: super cheap images that are royalty free. But as I looked deeper, it appears that you need to submit your own model release form if you have an image with a “recognizable person“ in it, as well as some restriction that you can't ......

Partial - One instance where it helped out

Dave Chestnutt put a good post warning about the use of partial classes. I agree with him that if you're just using partial classes to break up huge classes, it might be worthwhile to re-factor your class. I did encounter one scenario where using partial classes was very effective and helpful recently though. We recently did a project where we utilized code generation frameworks. All of our business entities were generated from the same template. However, there were cases where some of the classes ......

New MS Certs?

While reviewing his profile on Microsoft's site, a co-worker noticed that he was given a certification as Microsoft Certifid Technology Specialist: Windows 2003 Messaging and Collaboration.

Interesting...there is no record of this certification on the Microsoft Learning site, yet he was given this back in January (just wasn't told about it).

Does this mean that there are some new MCTS designations around the corner, or currently being given out?


Patent This!

Seriously, this whole patent thing is getting out of hand, and I hope someone in the US government is realizing this. Recently there was the whole Blackberry issue, where a patent holding company was sueing based on “infringement” blah blah blah...but the patent holding company did just that: HOLD PATENTS. They weren't interested in helping improve the lives of people, create jobs, or deliver a new technology...they were just looking to cash in on a legal loop hole, plain and simple. ......

Apprentice Post: Bryce's Winfall

Congrats to Bryce for getting fired from The Apprentice last night. No really... I mean that. I mean seriously, let's be honest about what the Apprentice is: a one hour commercial for whatever business is being showcased that night. If I was hiring for a software company, would I task my candidates to do a jingle for a fast food restaurant? No...I'd give them a technology related assignment. Not Trump...even though he's a real estate giant, he's getting his potential hires to do jingles, market cereal, ......

Community Server Thoughts

I've been spending some time playing with Community Server over the last few weeks. I've gotta start off by saying that its a fantastic product! In the same vein as Dot Net Nuke, it presents another option for easy-setup applications for building community. Hosting providers (well, WebHost4LIfe at least) are even offering an auto install option for their customers. And in fact, installing the MSI-based package is very easy and the AJAX features are great. But...(there's always a but)...it is a version ......

Live Action Zelda Movie

Found this link off of the Diggnation site (btw, I wonder how Kevin Rose now feels about Sarah Lane getting married to Brendan Moran, although apparantly Kevin's been linked to CFH co-host Amber MacArther...and they say there's no drama in technology). Anyway, its a trailer for a fan-site based live action movie based on some form of The Legend of Zelda. The production value looks pretty well done. The acting...well, its a fan-site based thing, so I'm not expecting Oscar winning performances, but ......

One More...

This from the Wizards site (makers of Dungeons and Dragons).

Great April Fool's site talking about a new RPG game based on My Little Pony.


The picture of the girl-friendly beholder is classic!


April Fools!

Man, these April Fool jokes are getting easier and easier to spot. For instance... Google launching Google Romance (which, at first, didn't seem that big a stretch considering their becoming the Walmart of online services) http://www.google.com/roman... Or how about Think Geek's Wireless Extension Cords http://www.thinkgeek.com/st... And finally (and this may not be an AF joke, but it just seems kind of “Oh REALLY?”) how about World of Starcraft? http://www.gamespot.com/pc/... ......