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Saturday, April 8, 2006 9:25 PM

So what's new in the life of a Canadian geek...

So I've been going to Getty Images for sites for our new company website, but the images are a bit expensive. I found a new site, iStockPhoto, in a magazine I was reading. At first it looked really good: super cheap images that are royalty free. But as I looked deeper, it appears that you need to submit your own model release form if you have an image with a “recognizable person“ in it, as well as some restriction that you can't show an image on teh web greater than 800 x 600 (which probably wouldn't happen, but what if you bought one at 857 x 568 and you wanted it to be shown in full for a sigte optimized  at 1024 x 768). I put in a request to customer service because I might be off on some of their terms...I hope I am, because they're prices are awesome! If you're looking for stock images, its definately worth a look.

So with my new bike, I decided I should get a new iPod Shuffle. I don't want to take my regular iPod in case I drop it or something, so I picked up a 512 Shuffle. I'm tellin' ya...now that I know that Windows XP will run on the new Mac's, I'm loving Apple!

SNL - horrible
For those of you that missed Antonio Banderas on SNL tonight: COUNT YOURSELVES LUCKY! It was horrible...probably one of the worst of the season. Luckily I had my laptop to drag me away from the train wreck. I mean seriously, why wouldn't you have Antonio spoof Katan's Banderas skit...that would have been hilarious! But no...they do some lame ones...ugh...

Shawn of the Dead
So this morning at about 5 AM, I got up due to back pain and switched on the tele. To my joy, Shawn of the Dead was just starting. I'd heard alot of really good stuff about it...and I must say, 4 out of 5. Mocked the genre perfectly with just enough storyline to not make it Date Movie.

Ottawa Renegades
Seriously, why does the CFL keep going back to this city. This has to be, what, the third time in the last decade that the franchise has come back...then gone away...then come back. I read an interesting article suggesting maybe the league should just consider a one league system instead of east vs west...interesting...the only thing that sucks with that is you could have an all Western or all Eastern Grey Cup...although that could conceivably happen now, but the chance of that happening would increase greatly with the one division system. Somethings gotta be done either way though.

Street Fighter 2 on XBox 360
Tonight I'm going to fire up my 360 and hope that what I read in Play magazine is true: Street Fighter 2 is supposedly availble on XBox Arcade. Now if only...if ONLY...they would make Dark Stalkers available...THAT would be cat's ass!

Ok...that's life...




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