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Topher Topher...Topher?!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 10:28 AM

According to imdb and an article quoting Kirsten Dunst on RottonTomatoes, we now have confirmation on who the villains are going to be in Spiderman 3...and I must say that unless they're going to make Spidey 3 into LoTR length, I'm a little scared.

Green Goblin 2, Sandman, and yes - Venom, will be the three villains facing spidey in the third installment. But let's think about this for a second:

Green Goblin 2: This has been the ongoing story arc for the entire three movies, so it HAS to be resolved in the third one.

Sandman: From what I've read, this won't be a bit part. It looks like Sandman is going to be have a larger role in the film, apparantly teaming up with GG2.

Venom: So Topher is going to be playing Eddie. Physique wise, obviously not the best choice...but hey, they've already somewhat re-written the storyline a bit here and there, so I can forgive...and besides, I'm just happy that Eddie is turning into Venom instead of the alternate storyline where Jameson's astronaut son picks up the suit.

But if you have three major villains, plus the whole MJ/PP relationship, PLUS throw in Gwen Stacey in to the mix...and this could either be the best comic book adaptation to screen we've ever seen, or a rushed through movie trying desperately to tie up loose ends before the final credits roll. But Stan Lee is helping write this, and I have to have faith that he's not going to screw over the cinematic climax to the story that has been his baby for so many years.

2007 won't come fast enough.



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