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Time for a New Wardrobe Geeks!

Saturday, April 15, 2006 3:04 PM

Ah Spring...that time where we all are forced to shed winter jackets and long sleeved shirts for...uh...for...for what? I don't know about you, but my spring/summer wardrobe is looking like the Walmart fashions from two years ago...and I love Old Navy, but do they think only surfers shop there?! Everything is surf this, surf that...I'm in Manitoba...there's no ocean for miles! (although I'm sure those in the flooded southern Manitoba regions would disagree...but I digress)...

So here is a spring shopping guide to a few sites and some of the cooler items that I've seen and am considering picking up. It should be noted that I'm not affiliated with any of these places...I'm not on the payroll, I'm not getting freek swag...although if they wanted to give me some, I wouldn't argue ;)

Think Geek (www.thinkgeek.com)

Think Geek is an olide-but-goodie. They've added a few new items that would make people say “Hey, that guy is GEE-KY!”


Remember Final Fantasy 1 - 3, before it got stupid? Good times...remember those good times with this classic menu from one of the best RPG's to ever grace a video game system
How said that those of us in our late 20's and early 30's are the only ones that remember getting 30+ lives in Contra by chanting this mantra...kids nowadays have no understanding of what a real "code" was. Wearing this may learn them good.
So you're a geek and a Christian, but you don't want to wear those lame shirts they sell at the local CBS (Christian Book Store). Here's your chance to be spiritual and geeky. Now go smite the heathens!

Jinx (www.jinx.com)

If Think Geek is the G - PG rated shirt site, Jinx is definately more the PG-13 - R (although not really R...that's T-Shirt Hell .com territory, but some of the stuff on Jinx would only be funny for people over 13).


Mage'in ain't easy! What would woo geek gals more than mixing pimp culture (but not REAL pimp culture, that's illegal) and RPG culture together.
It's geeky...but not obviously so...unless you have no idea who Drizzt is, in which case go lookup R.A. Salvatore on Amazon.

Split Reason (www.splitreason.com)

I don't really know much about Split Reason...just happened on it recently, but they have some interesting stuff. They offer some great free MSN images and emoticons, so its worth a browse over for that alone.


By far one of the best enemies to come out of the mushroom kingdom was Bobomb.
Yes, yes he is...now if only they had one about Steve being my homeboy...
You know how you wake up one morning, and you just don't want anyone to bug you? Why not let them know you aren't available...there are a few other shirts that would get the message accross, but this one is the most all-ages-appropriate.


So that's what's on my shopping list for now. I think the "I Cast Level 10 Rock Your World" will be a definate get...now if only they sold these in Canada so I didn't have to pay crazy duty...



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